Water Control in MicroPlanet Psl

We provide everything you need for microbiological analysis of water.

Bottles and containers for all kinds of water sampling (with/without sodium thiosulphate) and material for further stages of analysis: Kitasato flasks, filtration ramp systems, membranes with different pore to suit all types of analysis…

Single-use material for analysis, 55 mm plates (empty and ready to use) for membrane filtration and specific ISO media for water microbiology in dehydrated format for use in laboratories (500 g and 100 g), specific ISO-complying media for Legionella analysis (BCYE,GVPC,..) and bacterial confirmation tests, etc.

We also supply ready-to-use plates for incubation with membrane with an average shelf life of 4 months.

Microplanet Control De Aguas 1muestreo
Microplanet Control De Aguas 2equipos Filtracion
Microplanet Control De Aguas 3medios Cultivo
Microplanet Control De Aguas 4membranas


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